Angela Swanson Chapter President
Grace Malek Chapter President
Sydney Rusch Vice President of Academic Development
Lexi Olivera Vice President of Administration
Jessica Kay Vice President of Chapter Development
Sarah Peralta Vice President of Communications
Jacey Gonzalez Vice President of Education
Jessica Ruiz Vice President of Finance
Kailey Edwards Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Grace Malek Vice President of Standards
Kaitlyn Witt Keeper of the Ritual
Leslyn Calbreath New Member Educator
Kira Hankel Panhellenic Delegate
Melissa Gillespie Chapter Secretary
Shannon Leiss Activities Chairman
Sydne Huck Alumnae Relations Chairman
Angela Swanson Historian
Harlee Keller Historian
Perri Horan Historian
Georgia Patterson Philanthropy Chairman
Stacie Redsull Property Manager
Jaedin Watkins Social Chairman
Julia Curtis Song Leader
Bianca Onyeagou To Dragma Reporter
Sara Yup Marketing Chair
Angela Swanson Chapter Adviser
Harlee Keller AAC Administrative Assistant
Missy Nelson AAC Administrative Assistant
Angela Swanson Academic Development Adviser
Ruth Moreland Academic Development Adviser
Angela Swanson Administration Adviser
Lindsey Forbes Chapter Development Adviser
Angela Swanson Communications Adviser
Ida Clair Communications Adviser
Alyson Mullen Education Adviser
Angela Swanson Financial Adviser
Rebecca Monson Financial Adviser
Kristina Commendatore Recruitment Adviser
Angela Swanson Standards Adviser
Angela Swanson Ritual Adviser
Angela Swanson New Member Adviser
Lindsey Forbes New Member Adviser
Angela Swanson Panhellenic Adviser
Marissa Jordan Panhellenic Adviser
Angela Swanson Alumnae Relations Adviser
Donna Keyes Alumnae Relations Adviser
Angela Swanson Corporation Relations Adviser
Dana Moreland Corporation Relations Adviser
Alyson Mullen Social Adviser
Lindsey Forbes Faculty Adviser